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Stryker Lawsuits

Florida Stryker Hip Lawsuit – Hip Replacement Problems

Searcy Denney filed the first Stryker Rejuvenate and AGB II lawsuits in the nation. Even before Stryker issued its voluntary recall in 2012, our lawyers were already investigating and researching the failure of these hip implants. We have spoken with numerous clients about their hip implant failure and the devastating complications they experience as a result.

We Filed the First Stryker Lawsuit in the U.S.

Searcy Denney filed the first Stryker lawsuit on behalf of a South Florida couple. The wife received a Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant in 2011. Not long after the implant surgery, she experienced pain in her groin. While an initial assessment of the device showed that everything was functioning as expected, her pain continued to worsen. Further diagnostic tests showed that her blood was contaminated with heavy metal toxins. An MRI revealed a large pseudo-tumor and evidence of tissue damage. Her surgeon recommended revision surgery.

During the revision surgery, the patient’s femur was fractured adding further complication to the procedure. One month after the revision surgery, her hip dislocated. X-rays showed that her femur had fractured again. She required further surgery from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in trauma surgery. Because of the large amount of damaged tissue, repeated fractures and dislocations, the patient will likely be unable to walk again.

This woman also has a Stryker implant in her other hip.

Her story, unfortunately, is not unique. Victims of failed Stryker hip implants will suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Judge Brian Martinotti will be handling all of the pretrial proceedings in the Stryker hip implant multicounty litigation. Florida Stryker hip lawsuit attorney Cal Warriner of Searcy Denney has been appointed to the plaintiff steering committee. Warriner has filed cases from plaintiffs in over a dozen states, including the first lawsuit in the country in August 2012.

Let Us Help You Seek Compensation

Our goal is to help people who have been injured by the Stryker hip implant systems get the medical treatment and compensation they deserve. Many of our clients do not even realize that they have received a Stryker Rejuvenate or AGB II component when they first come to us. Because we are experienced with metal-on-metal hip implant litigation and were the first law firm to file a Stryker hip implant lawsuit, we had a hunch that these patients may have received the Stryker components without their knowledge. Our Florida Stryker hip lawsuit attorneys recommend to all of our clients to check their medical records and obtain the product identification for each component of your hip implant. Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that they did in fact receive the Stryker stem, which has led to such conditions as metallosis, tissue death and pseudo-tumors.

To learn more about how our Florida law firm can help you with your Stryker hip replacement lawsuit, contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.